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Hearing Aid Repair

Electronics degrade like any other material. Without proper maintenance, there is a good chance that core functions will break down. You can be proactive by following the specific care instructions provided by the audiologists at Grace Hearing and Language Services. Hearing aids are an investment that should always get priority. 

Most notable hearing device problems

The most recognizable problem with a hearing aid is when the sound quality drops. You will typically notice a decline in sound quality or volume, or that it is going in and out during a conversation. For modern hearing aids, Bluetooth connectivity problems are due to corrupted connections. Hearing devices that make use of their own apps can sometimes have issues if the software remains on an old version. Another notable problem is batteries that refuse to charge, or operate with significantly lower runtimes.  

Home repair

A lot of repairs can be done at home by following the manual, the audiologist’s advice or with regular cleaning. Earwax can clog up the tubes of a hearing device to the point that the sound gets downgraded. Following regular cleaning instructions should clear up the blockage and return the quality to normal. Bluetooth connectivity problems can be resolved by reconnecting the devices to applicable hardware. It can also help to set the hardware to ‘forget’ a device. That allows a new connection to be established using default values.

There are many different branded hearing aid apps that are designed to work with specific hearing devices. It’s necessary to keep the hearing aid app and the device it is used on up to date. Using old software versions can cause incompatibilities and bugs with the programming. Keeping software up to date is just as important as physically cleaning a modern hearing aid. 

In-office repair

Whether a problem is minor or major, you should never feel that bringing in your device for repair is a burden. Office repair is normal, and anything outside of a professional’s expertise is sent off to the manufacturer. Temporary hearing aids can be assigned until the repair is finished, but is subject to availability. Important information about manufacturer repair is covered with the initial hearing aid evaluation and fitting.