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Interpreting & Translating Services

Allow Grace Hearing and Language Services to assist you with providing interpreting services. Together we can bridge language and cultural gaps, encouraging the ease and flow of communication. Do you need interpreting or translating services? The term interpreting and translating are often used interchangeably, but the terms have separate and distinct meanings.


Interpreting is facilitating or rendering the message of one language to a different language in a spoken or signed form. Both the originating language and the target language are in either spoken or signed form. Therefore, an interpreter renders the spoken or signed version of one language to another, remaining faithful to the content and spirit of the original message.


Translating is facilitating or rendering the message of one language to a different language in written form. Either the originating language or the target language are in written form. Therefore, a translator renders the written version of one language from a different language, remaining faithful to the spirit and content of the original message.

Interpreters and translators work in many venues, wherever people of different languages come in contact, such as courts, schools, hospitals, and government agencies.


What training and credentials are required for an American Sign Language Interpreter (ASL)?

In the United States, a nationally certified ASL interpreter (interpreter of the deaf) is required to possess a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) to satisfy the educational requirement.  The interpreter must also demonstrate knowledge in the field of interpreting, ethical decision making, and interpreting performance skills. This certification is called National Interpreter Certification or NIC. Specialist certifications may be obtained in the field of legal, oral transliteration, and deaf interpreting.

What is the Registry of interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID)?

RID is a national membership organization that plays a leading role in advocating for excellence in the delivery of interpretation and transliteration services between people who use sign language and people who use spoken language. In collaboration with the Deaf community, RID supports its members and encourages the growth of the profession through the establishment of a national standard for qualified sign language interpreters and transliterators, ongoing professional development and adherence to a code of professional conduct.

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