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Patient Testimonials

Our patient testimonials say their experience was outstanding. Improve communication with the ones you care about the most. Take charge of your hearing and communication by contacting your audiologist at Grace Hearing and Language Services.

Grace Hearing and Language Services

My 3 grandsons and I visited Dr. Wilson’s office for an auditory examination. Dr. Wilson and her husband, Mark Wilson, are an efficient team and met all of our auditory needs. My ears and one of my grandsons ears were severely occluded and needed extra attention. After three visits we both can hear so much better. Dr. Wilson provided some expert maintenance techniques/devices that we utilize regularly with positive results. - J.R.

I was extremely pleased with the way I was taken care of here. Dr. Wilson answered all the questions I had and made sure my hearing aids were comfortable and that I knew how to operate them and maintain them. - E.K.

Dr. Wilson is fantastic. Puts you at ease and makes sure everything is working for you, before you leave her office. I feel like I made a friend, she and Mark are so welcoming. I will send anyone with a hearing problem to Grace Hearing. - L.H.

WOW! The building is not only easy to get to, it's close to I-20, but beautiful. It looks great inside and out. Dr. Wilson is fantastic! She is kind, caring and knows her stuff. She speaks ASL too. Her offices are extremely clean and very comfortable. She even has a camera so you can look into your own ear. She is thorough in testing and takes time to explain the results so you can truly understand. - IBF

What a wonderful experience! From the moment I walked in the building, I felt like I was the only guest. The beautiful decor and the great amenities offered in the waiting area just add to the amazing staff and awesome clinicians in the building! I will definitely be back. - P.K.

My husband and I cannot say enough good things about the Wilsons. Dr. Wilson is always very accommodating in scheduling appointment times and the care she gives is full of empathy and concern. Mark Wilson is professional, kind and caring. They make a good team, both professionally and personally. We will recommend Grace Hearing and Language Services to everyone seeking help with hearing problems. - Phyllis Kagel

We couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Wilson. She worked with us to get approval for out-of-network with our insurance. She made my husband feel very comfortable and at ease with the exam and afterward. - J.S.

Dr. Wilson and assistant are caring and thorough in testing. I was very pleased. She made sure my hearing aids were customized for my ears. - Dorothy Thomas

I had a great experience at this office. I was there to have a hearing test for a job application. Dr. Wilson was knowledgeable and explained each step. The staff and doctor were very cordial and helpful. I would highly recommend them. - N.E.


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30 million people in the US, age 12 and older have hearing loss in both ears.  (NIDCD, 2018)

About 28.8 million U.S. adults could benefit from using hearing aids.
(NIDCD, 2018)


Grace Hearing and Language Services
Grace Hearing and Language Services
Grace Hearing and Language Services
Grace Hearing and Language Services