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Signs of Hearing Loss

There are many tell-tale signs of hearing loss. However, the signs of hearing loss may vary from person to person. Perhaps the most commonly ignored sign is the suggestion from someone you know that you should have your hearing examined. The people closest to you are often the first to detect you may have hearing loss. Why is this? They are the ones who tend to notice you misunderstood what they said to you. For example, your family member may say, “Where did you put the keys?”, but you are sure you heard, “Where did you put the cheese?” If someone has suggested you have your hearing checked — do not be offended — they may be providing you vital information leading to a cherished quality of life improvement.

Act now. The preventative approach is the best approach in all areas of health. When the auditory nerve and neural pathways have decreased function and stimulation, they become susceptible to auditory deprivation. Auditory Deprivation is a condition that occurs in individuals with hearing loss where their brain loses the ability to interpret words due to a lack of stimulation over an extended period of time.  This condition can affect hearing loss patients who do not wear hearing aids, wear old hearing aids, or only wear one hearing aid when two are necessary. Even individuals with a mild hearing loss can be affected by this condition.  If the hearing loss is not treated with amplification, auditory deprivation may cause permanent and irreversible loss of speech perception functionality due to lack of stimulation.

Watch the video below for 10 warning signs of hearing loss, then take the Hearing Inventory at the bottom of this page to receive an immediate result, and contact your Grace Hearing and Language Services to discuss your inventory results.

Hearing Inventory – Personal Screening Survey

The purpose of this screening survey is to identify feelings and social activities that may be effected by your hearing.

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